The Steep and Deep team brings together the best local subject-matter experts and top filming personnel to share powerful stories of exploration, self-discovery and adventure.  We get the best to share their expertise, knowledge skills and passion about sport, health, fitness, travel, and nature conservation.

Our team films in incredible locations all around the world. Sometimes this means we have climbed mountains, crossed deserts, weaved through jungles, forded rivers, dived in or sailed across oceans, skied on glaciers, and bent ourselves into mal-formed pretzels in a yoga class.  Why?  We love living every moment and we love to share stories about the challenges and depth of human experience.

We focus on working with those doing good business in the sport, travel or environment. We also like to bring in quality equipment suppliers, supporters and sponsors.  Getting to the heart of the story by working with the very best experts and teams to develop media that shares stories in a way that inspires and transforms the audience to take action.

Meet the Team

Kathleen Swalling, Team Founder and Executive Producer

Kathleen Swalling: Founder and Executive Producer
Kathleen, an ex-lawyer, is a filmmaker with a passion for sports, travel, and nature. She is inspired by working with clients to discover their story and share it in a way that inspires, uplifts and connects.
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Andrew Chapman, Operations and IT

Andrew Chapman: Operations and IT
Andrew is an Air Traffic Controller and Trainer who has worked in Australia, Antarctica, Asia and the Middle East.
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Marcus Bailey, Director, Producer

Marcus Bailey: Director/Producer
Marcus thrives on challenges and has seen plenty in over two decades in the film and television industry.
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Emma Donovan, Communications and Marketing

Emma Donovan: Communications and Marketing
Emma’s career has been shaped by a commitment to integrity and detail.
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Richard Mansfield, Mountain Guide

Richard Mansfield: Mountain Guide
International Mountain Guide and ex Director of the British Mountain Guides Association.
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Stuart McAleese, Mountain Guide

Stuart McAleese: Mountain Guide
Stuart is an IFMGA Mountain Guide and Senior Instructor.
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Florent Dupont-Joshua, Editor

Florent Dupont-Joshua: Editor
Florent has a keen interest in both advertising and film production.
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